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Why 1-800-PAIN-FREE?

Your potential clients are constantly bombarded by advertisements and marketing offers. Your marketing messages must provide them a reason to select you. You cannot bore your clients into hiring you. With 1-800-PAIN-FREE in your marketing toolbox, your business advertising distinguishes you from the crowd.

Like all purchasers of retail services, your potential clients prefer a national "brand" available locally. Having 1-800-PAIN-FREE in your business advertising provides that comfort level.

Potential clients won't remember your regular phone number. Few will remember your name or where they saw you. However, no potential client forgets 1-800-PAIN-FREE!! It is the most effective marketing tool available in the pain management industry.

1-800-PAIN-FREE is a proven marketing solution that supercharges the returns on your advertising, increases your client base and provides an ever-expanding supply of referrals. Tap into the power of "branding" in your pain management business advertising and make the numbers work for you.

Every pain relief transaction begins with a phone call. With
1-800-PAIN-FREE in your marketing war chest, YOU will answer that call!!

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