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1-800-PAIN-FREE is the fast and easy way for consumers to find Pain Relief Professionals in their area. Why waste time looking through the Yellow Pages or searching the internet when 1-800-PAIN-FREE is the only name and number you need to know? 1-800-PAIN-FREE... Be connected instantly to a Pain Management Professional with an unforgettable number.

Our Values

Customer Focus
We are very focused on meeting the needs of our customers. We have discovered that by placing customers’ interests first, our company has continued to grow.

We serve our customers using the most innovative telecommunication and internet technology available. In addition, our many years of marketing and business experience can help generate growth and increase profitability for our Pain Relief Licensees.

Honesty and Integrity
We will not compromise our ethics or our reputation. Integrity is the core attribute of our company and a personal value of every one of our employees. We stand behind what we say.

We care about our employees and provide a challenging and rewarding place to work. Our employees are the cornerstone for building customer loyalty.

Every task at 1-800-PAIN-FREE is thoroughly planned and carried out with excellence. Market leadership is an aspiration that requires innovation, continuous improvement, and an ongoing assessment of competitors.


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