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About 1-800-PAIN-FREE

Each 1-800-PAIN-FREE territory consists of a population center plus a generous surrounding buffer. Please contact us to check on the exact geographic parameters of your calling area.

1-800-PAIN-FREE calling areas are licensed on a first come-first served basis.

You need no additional telephone equipment. 1-800-PAIN-FREE calls are routed just like any other phone call over your existing phone line.

1-800-PAIN-FREE Service Agreements provide you "lifetime" security in your calling area WITHOUT any long term commitment on your part.

1-800-PAIN-FREE provides you: an exclusive calling area, more referrals and increased clients, the most convenient and memorable phone number in the pain management field, a free personalized web page and e-mail account on, immediate credibility with your clients and potential clients, an ethical and a much appreciated method of making a strong commercial statement to your potential clients at a time when they have no idea where to turn.

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